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The fundamentals of the cold chain

Our solutions integrate the 3 fundamentals of the cold chain, namely Conductivity, Sealing and Reflection

Solutions tailored to your needs

needsAccording to us, each situation is unique. We will always listen to your problem and offer you the most suitable solution.

Cold chain specialists

Our job is to provide you with solutions that respect the cold chain, for all types of heat-sensitive products.

Sustainable development

ADP Conseil – MEDICOLD is committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions, in particular by using raw materials made up in part of recycled materials and by offering self-sufficient and reusable isothermal solutions for the conservation of heat-sensitive products.

Patented technologies

Thanks to the various studies we have carried out, our innovative solutions have mostly been the subject of patents registered with the INPI.

Made In France

Our products are made in France, in our factory in the Bordeaux region. We are proud to create local employment!


The cold chain is the set of logistical and domestic operations (transport, handling, storage) aimed at maintaining one or more food or pharmaceutical products at a given temperature in order to ensure that its healthiness or taste qualities are maintained.

Depending on the product, standards set temperature limits and tolerances (0°C to +2°C for fresh fish, +0°C to +4°C for meat and charcuterie, -15°C to -18°C for frozen food.

The problems of respecting the cold chain are also found in pharmaceutical products (vaccines +2°C to +8°C, blood products +2°C to +6°C for blood concentrates or +20°C to +25°C for platelets).

The interest of the term chain is to underline the importance of the continuity of the stages; no link should give way and destroy the essence of the general effort deployed to end up with a product that is preserved from any overheating.

The duration of protection of a product depends on its inertia linked to its density, the quality of the isothermal packaging, the eutectic charge on board and the positioning of the packs. It can range from a few hours to several days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

It is entirely possible to personalise our isothermal packaging by printing.

However, this is limited to the following products:

  • Insulated pouches
  • Insulated bags
  • Isothermal boxes

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