Our expertise

The cold chain experts

With more than 30 years of experience in the cold chain, we have been designing isothermal packaging adapted to the needs of human and animal health for medical and hospital environments, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and veterinary laboratories since 1991. Since 2007, we have been using our expertise in the cold chain acquired in the health sector to design isothermal packaging adapted to the needs of food logistics, and particularly e-commerce.

Our range of solutions guarantees absolute and safe protection for the following time scales:

  1. 30 minutes to 2 hours
  2. up to 24 hours
  3. up to 144 hours 

After analysing your needs, our teams will direct you towards an existing validated solution or for a particular case, will study with you the precise problem you are facing and will propose the most suitable solution.


All our solutions have been studied, designed and implemented by us.

The perfect mastery of the technologies used allows us to develop innovative and efficient products.

Several of our solutions have been patented.

Certified ISO 9001-V15, we take great care in the manufacture of our products, in the respect of the processes and thus guarantee customer satisfaction.


We are equipped with climatic chambers and COFRAC-calibrated tracers that allow us to carry out temperature resistance tests in all the desired climatic configurations.

We can program the ovens for tests on all NF S99-700 profiles or on proprietary profiles and write the validation reports.

We support our clients who wish to have an independent metrological laboratory validate the data by carrying out pre-validations and providing technical support to CEMAFROID, LNE, etc.


Made In France




We are proud to announce that our production is French! It is important to us to continue to create jobs in France, and thus contribute to the economy of our country.

Our factory is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (33). Mastering the entire production chain as well as the logistics allows us to ensure quality products and services.

In order to continue to be 100% French, we make sure that all our new production machines that are installed in the factory are also French.

The guarantee of quality is essential for ADP Conseil – MEDICOLD and that is why we will always make sure that we are “MADE in FRANCE”.