METAL BUBBLES Insulated bag

This isothermal pouch is used to protect medicines (or other heat-sensitive products) during group transport, especially in veterinary medicine.
It slows down the penetration of heat, prevents thermal shocks and reduces the temperature rise. Moreover, the air bubbles protect the products from mechanical shocks.



Isothermal protection suitable for transporting heat-sensitive products for the following needs:

  • Groupage transfers
  • Protection of severed limbs


Formats :

  • 30 x 30 cm
  • 45 x 45 cm

Duration of protection

  • Up to 24 hours

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Features :
  • Metallised bubble bag
  • Composition: vacuum metallised polyester film, laminated with 10 mm polyethylene bubble wrap
  • Double internal separator made of white, food-grade polyethylene, for refrigerants

Operation of the double separator :

  • The double internal divider allows for 3 compartments in the pouch. It keeps the products sandwiched in the middle of the bag, between the packs placed on either side.
  • This separator also prevents condensation of the refrigerants from wetting the product boxes.

Closure :

The bag is closed with a double fold for a perfect airtight seal.

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    The recyclability of METAL BUBBLES insulating bags is possible through energy recovery. Polyethylene mixed with household waste increases the temperature when burned, which saves fossil energy. When polyethylene is burnt, no toxic gases are released, only carbon dioxide and oxygen.