This isothermal pouch protects drugs (or other heat-sensitive products) during the transfer of drugs between the central pharmacy and the departments or of blood pellets between the departments from the haemovigilance departments.

The ISOPRO pouch also allows the shipment of medicines or heat-sensitive products via express courier.

It delays the entry of calories, avoids thermal shocks and limits the rise in temperature. In addition, the air bubbles help protect the products from mechanical shocks.


Medical applications

  • Express courier shipment of medicines and clinical trials (pharmaceutical distribution and central hospital pharmacy)
  • Transfer of drugs between the central hospital pharmacy and the departments
  • Transfer of blood pellets between departments, from haemovigilance centres.

Food applications

  • Sending samples or fresh food products, in unit volume, by express courier.


Standard formats :

  • 20 x 31 cm
  • 33 x 26 cm
  • 33 x 28 cm
  • 33 x 39 cm
  • 35 x 36 cm

Tailor-made formats :

Contact us for minimum production quantities

Duration of protection

  • Up to 18 hours of protection

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Features :
  • ISOPRO® closed cell foam, metallised on both sides
  • External reflection of radiation and heat
  • Internal reflection of cold (or absence of heat) ensured by the double-sided metallization : ISOPRO® is as effective as 24 m/m of polystyrene at 3 m/m thick
  • Conductivity coefficient of ISOPRO® (Lambda): 0.027
Option :
  • Internal separator: prevents condensation from refrigerants from wetting the product boxes
Closing :
  • Watertightness guaranteed thanks to a 95 m/m flap closing the pouch on a double “chicane” fold which prevents thermal bridges when both sides of the pouch are folded.
  • Held in place by 2 sets of Velcro coupons, allowing this pouch to be reused for shuttle use.
  • For single use, the closure is made by adhesive tape.
  • A square base is formed at the opening

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It is also possible to adapt our isothermal pouches to your needs by producing semi-customised pouches: the width of the pouch remains that of a standard isothermal pouch and the height is that of your choice. (contact us for minimum quantities).

    The recyclability of the ISOPRO isothermal bag is possible through energy recovery. ISOPRO, when mixed with household waste, increases the temperature during incineration, which generates savings in fossil energy. ISOPRO is made of polypropylene and when it burns, it does not release any toxic gases, only carbon dioxide and oxygen.