CRYOMED Isothermal Pouch Food

CRYOMED insulated pouches are based on the ISOBAG pouches but with an integrated refrigerated gel between the foam and the inner lining.

They have two advantages:

  • They are used to protect fresh produce during transport from the point of sale to the customer’s home.
  • They also prevent thermal shock and reduce the temperature rise of fresh products.



For small food products: chocolate, foie gras, caviar, fresh products, etc.


Standard format :

  • 17 x 25 cm including handles, i.e. 17 x 18 cm useful with double-sided gel

Tailor-made formats :

  • minimum size 13.5 x 21 cm minimum production quantity 45,000 sleeves
  • maximum size 35 x 45 cm minimum production quantity 10,000 sleeves

Contact us for minimum production quantities

Duration of protection

  • between 40 min and 1h30 *

* depending on the inertia of the product and the ambient conditions

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  • Vacuum metallized polyester exterior laminated to polyethylene
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam core
  • White food grade polyethylene inner lining
  • Eutectic gel integrated between the insulation foam and the inner lining on :
    • – single-sided for use of gel in frozen or chilled form
  • – two sides for the use of cooling gel exclusively in refrigerated form

Closing :

  • ZIP
  • Standard format : 17 x 18 cm double-sided gel, available from stock
  • Custom sizes available: minimum 13.5 x 21 cm to maximum 35 x 45 cm. Please contact us for minimum quantities
  • Custom : Contact us for minimum production quantities

Printing technique :

  • The printing is carried out in High Definition flexography up to 8 “line” or “four-colour” colours.
  • This technique allows us to print the CRYOMED cold packs in 152 screen, i.e. 60 lines per cm2, with as much finesse as offset printing on paper.

The CRYOMED folder remains a formidable tool for institutional communication, sustainable over time.

With our CRYOMED pouch, recycling is possible by incineration after emptying the gel pouch (polyester and polyethylene do not release toxic gases when burned). This reduces energy consumption during the disposal of household waste. Plastics mixed with household waste increase the temperature of the incineration process, thus speeding up the destruction process and saving energy.