The insulated pouch is a product widely used in the medical environment. Indeed, this type of container is particularly suitable for transporting heat-sensitive products such as vaccines or treatments that require a particular temperature. By respecting this cold chain, these products will be optimally effective. Otherwise, it is possible that these drugs lose their effect or, worse, become dangerous for patients.

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Medicold, a professional in the design of products respecting the cold chain, operates on a daily basis to develop numerous containers designed to transport medical or food products. The medical ISOBAG isothermal pouch is customizable and will accompany many medical units whether to treat humans or animals. Choose now the size of the insulated pouches you want and transport your products with complete peace of mind.

Why get an insulated pouch?
The insulated pouch is mainly designed for the medical environment in order to meet the safety requirements put in place by the States of the European Union. Indeed, with this product, you will have the opportunity to transport medicines, whether vaccines or cancer treatments, for example, which are particularly heat-sensitive in order to deliver them from one department to another or from your institute at your patient’s home. In addition, the insulated pouch is available in different sizes, which will be a real asset depending on the volume of the treatment prescribed or the number of products to be transported. The duration of protection depending on the technique used can vary between 10 and 30 minutes without cooling bags, from 30 minutes to 2 hours using the latter, which you will find on our Medicold website.

The Medicold insulated pouch
The Medicold insulated pouch is a product carefully designed by our engineers who work every day to discover the best methods for respecting the cold chain. Indeed, this isothermal pouch is composed of a reflective outer face which will have the effect of reflecting the calories, a closed cell polyethylene foam and a waterproof lining in white polyethylene of food quality ideal for preserving products. fresh. In addition, the closure is done with a zip and a double-sided adhesive tape perfectly designed to keep outside heat. You will also have the choice of various formats. You can find the standard format of 20X25 cm as well as custom formats ranging from 11X16 cm to a maximum of 62X62 cm. Finally, you will have the opportunity to personalize this insulated pouch to highlight your laboratory or medical center. These pouches will be particularly effective for pharmacies, hospitals or pharmacies.

Medicold has been a refrigeration player since 1991, offering high quality products that promote health by offering products that allow patients to be treated in the best conditions and institutes to deliver products with complete peace of mind.