Isothermal Medical Case

For human and animal health logistics, our isothermal crates are used for the protection and shipment of heat-sensitive medicines.



Isothermal box suitable for the transport of heat-sensitive products from the following sectors:

  • Human health logistics
  • Animal health logistics


Standard formats :

  • 6L40
  • 10L40
  • 12L40
  • 13L40
  • 20L40
  • 23L40
  • 30L40
  • 55L40
  • 23L80
  • 39L80
  • 55L80

Tailor-made formats :

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Duration of protection

  • From 24 to 144 hours

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  • Made of closed cell mono injected polyurethane foam with a density of 35 kg/m3 over-expanded
    at 40-45 kg/m3
  • Inner lining: 35 kg/m3 closed-cell ISOPRO® foam, metallised on both sides
  • External cladding: EE white cardboard 20kg (external white / internal brown)
  • Wall thicknesses on request from 20 m/m to 100 m/m

– Eutectic load configurations and wall thicknesses can be adapted according to :

  • Product’s nature (unit density, total product mass, etc.)
  • Transport mode
  • Ambient temperature type
  • Desired duration of protection

– Our eutectic liquid-based “Positive Cold” cooling packs (+0.3°C restitution plateau) for pharmaceutical products, greatly reduce the risk of cold peaks (going below 0°C) in the packaging.

– They eliminate the need for a Thermal Control Barrier and significantly reduce the overall eutectic load weight.

Isothermal boxes respect the 3 fundamentals of maintaining the cold chain :

Very low conductivity :

Instead of the cardboard or plastic often used for the interior and exterior linings of insulated boxes, we use ISOPRO® (metallised extruded foam with a Lambda of 0.027 W/m².K) into which is injected high density closed cell polyurethane with a Lambda of 0.21 W/m².K

Waterproofing is provided by :

  • The mono-injected tank, which is made in one piece and whose cells are homogeneous and regular, prevents any risk of thermal bridging and has an exceptional mechanical resistance to crushing of over 250 kg of pressure.
  • The single-injected polyurethane reentry plug with ISOPRO coating ensures a peripheral seal when closed.

Reflection :

The internal metallization allows to reflect the absence of calories inside the packaging (the action of the refrigerants is thus effective from the first minute).

For dry ice shipments (negative cold), our isothermal crates allow you to reduce your dry ice consumption by 20 to 30% (for an identical duration of protection), or to increase your duration of protection by 20 to 30% (with an identical dry ice load) compared to all existing systems (in polyurethane, polystyrene, expanded polypropylene, etc.).

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