Isothermal Pharmaceutical Dispensing Container

The Isothermal Pharmaceutical Dispensing Container allows for the safe transport of temperature sensitive products for 24 hours, both in summer and winter with an adequate eutectic load.

It has a minimum lifetime of 5 years.



Isothermal protection suitable for the transport of heat-sensitive products for the following needs:

  • Human and Animal Health Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical distribution



Custom-made: from 500 containers upwards, we can adapt this insulated container to any plastic pharmaceutical distribution container.

Standard Format 1 :

  • Outer size high: 420 x 280 x 225 mm
  • Low external size: 350 x 215 x 225 mm
  • Inside size high: 375 x 240 x 200 mm
  • Low interior size: 320 x 180 x 200 mm

Standard Format 2 :

  • External size high: 445 x 270 x 225 mm
  • Low external size: 405 x 230 x 225 mm
  • Inside size high: 405 x 225 x 195 mm
  • Low interior size: 355 x 190 x 195 mm

Duration of protection

  • Up to 24 hours

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Features :
  • Made of high density closed cell polyurethane foam with a density of 40/45 kg/m3 injected between an inner and outer skin of closed cell extruded polypropylene insulating foam of 35 kg/m3
  • Composed of a tank and a lid with a single-injected retractable cap guaranteeing maximum tightness
Special features :

Its shape allows :

  • to fit it into the plastic pharmaceutical dispenser trays
  • to fit them into each other to limit empty storage volumes
  • to support the pack carrier cradle with its peripheral lip

Its design allows high results in terms of protection of sensitive products by integrating the 3 fundamentals of the cold chain (low conductivity, reflection, sealing):

  • The use of high density closed cell polyurethane foam with the lowest conductivity of any insulation material on the market.
  • The internal and external lining in metallised ISOPRO® foam, which reinforces the conductivity of the polyurethane thanks to the reflection of the metallisation.
    The external metallization reflects heat and radiation, the internal metallization reflects cold.
  • The single-injected tank and the inset plug avoid any risk of thermal bridges.

Download the complete validation report of our isothermal distribution tank by CEMAFROID by clicking on the following link : CEMAFROID VALIDATION REPORT PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION TANK

Unlike our insulated containers for hospital distribution, our insulated containers for pharmaceutical distribution are made to measure.

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