ISOPRO® Insulation Covers

For pharmaceutical and veterinary logistics.

Supplied as a kit comprising :

  • An ISOPRO® cover
  • A cardboard box
  • Eutectic packs: “Positive” cold with a restitution plateau at +0.3°C, for medical products

Suitable for 24-hour express courier shipments


Medical applications

Isothermal protection for pharmaceutical and veterinary logistics

Food applications

Isothermal protection suitable for the agri-food and e-commerce sectors

Shipping of fresh or frozen products in e-commerce:

  • Processed food products: meats, cheeses, chocolates, etc.
  • Live food products: crustaceans, lobsters, shellfish, lobsters…


Standard formats :

  • 6L
  • 7,5L
  • 15L
  • 21L
  • 28L
  • 41L

Tailor-made formats :
Contact us for minimum production quantities

Duration of protection

  • Up to 24 hours

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Features :
  • Made of ISOPRO® foam with external and internal metallization (ISOPRO®: Extruded metallized double-sided closed cell foam of 35 kg/m3)
  • External metallization: optimal reflection of heat from the environment
  • Internal metallization : reflection of the cold inside the packaging
  • This 3 m/m foam with a Lambda of 0.027 W/m².K is equivalent to 24 mm of polystyrene
Closing :

This isothermal packaging is watertight thanks to its double-fold closure.

Packaging validated by the AFNOR NF-S 99-700 standard
ISOPRO® covers are validated by the ANOR NF-S 99-700 standard for the desired duration of protection.

ISTA 3A and UPS certified packaging
ISOPRO® insulated liners are certified according to ISTA 3A. This is a performance simulation test or, more precisely, a laboratory simulation of the mechanical stresses of transport.

ISOPRO® packaging has been certified by UPS EUROPE transport following ISTA 3A validation.

The ISOPRO® cladding has passed the following tests :

  • Climatic preconditioning at 0 +4°C of meat products
  • 1st drop/shock test (simulation of a parcel falling from a platform or a truck)
  • Random vibration with 70 kg compression load (simulation of the stresses experienced by the package in the truck during pick-up)
  • 2nd drop/impact test (simulating a fall from a platform or a truck)
  • Random vibrations without compression load (simulation of the stresses experienced by the package during its “last mile” transport)

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    The recyclability of the ISOPRO lining is possible through energy recovery. ISOPRO, when mixed with household waste, allows for higher temperatures during incineration, which generates savings in fossil energy. ISOPRO is made of polypropylene, and when it burns, it does not release any toxic gases, only carbon dioxide and oxygen.