Insulated bags

In the medical sector, these isothermal bags are used to protect heat-sensitive products when they are transported to the patient’s home or to the injection site for veterinary products.

In the food sector, these isothermal bags are very popular with consumers, who are increasingly using them to go shopping for fresh and frozen products. This ensures that your communication or your visual is present at the places where your customers shop.

For both sectors, these bags are made of a high-gloss metallized complex that acts as a barrier to radiation and heat by reflection. They stop the rise in temperature of the products.



  • Within the Medical sector :

Protection of heat-sensitive products during transport from the place of delivery to the patient’s home or at the injection site for veterinary products

  • Within the Agri-food sector :

Protection of heat-sensitive products from the point of sale to the customer’s home

  • Communication support for institutional or brand advertising


Standard formats :

  • 25 x 35 cm
  • 44 x 35 cm
  • 44 x 52 cm
  • 52 x 52 cm

Customised and/or printed formats :

Contact us for minimum production quantities

Duration of protection

    • Within the Medical sector :

30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the density of the products. It can be extended by adding eutectic packs

    • Within the Agri-food sector :

1 hour without ice packs, 2 hours with the addition of ice packs

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Printing technique :

  • The printing is done in High Definition flexography up to 8 colours per line or in four-colour process.
  • This technique allows us to print the isothermal bags in 152 screen, i.e. 60 lines per cm2, with as much finesse as offset printing on paper.

The isothermal bag remains a formidable communication tool, sustainable over time at the consumer’s place of purchase.

    The recyclability of insulated bags is possible through energy recovery. Polyethylene, when mixed with household waste, allows for higher temperatures during incineration, which generates savings in fossil energy. When polyethylene is burned, it does not release any toxic gases, only carbon dioxide and oxygen.