The insulated bag is often used in the medical and food sectors. Indeed, these bags have the ability to keep medicines and food cool. Otherwise, this can have very unfavorable consequences, namely ineffective medication or food that is no longer edible. In this sense, the insulated bag makes it possible to respect the cold chain.

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Medicold, a professional in the design of equipment to keep control over the temperature of heat-sensitive products, offers a wide variety of models in its insulated bag selection. You will have the opportunity to find personalized bags bearing the image of your brand or standard bags. In terms of sizes, here again you will have a wide choice of products. Now choose the insulated bag that suits you and respect the cold chain.

Why choose a cooler bag?
For a company or a medical service, the usefulness of getting a cooler bag is great. Indeed, the latter will be able to be used for practical purposes.

First of all, if you work in the medical field, an isothermal bag will present great advantages if you are looking to transport medication over a period of less than 2 hours from point A to point B. In this sense, it can be used between services and circulate within a building, but also during external journeys from the medical center to a client’s home, for example. These bags can include both medicines for humans, but also for animals. In general, all products that are subjected to a low temperature.

In addition, if you are a professional in the food industry, an insulated bag also has great advantages. Indeed, by using the latter, you will have the opportunity to transport foods sensitive to outside temperatures without worrying about a deterioration in their condition. If you are a chocolate or ice cream maker, the Medicold cooler bag will do you great service and bring a positive image to your company.

The Medicold cooler bag
Our team of engineers works daily to offer you a high performance insulated bag. Indeed, our product meets serious validation tests. For example, the latter control the effectiveness of the product during a purchase in a supermarket at an ambient temperature of 20°C then subjected to 30°C and corresponding to the journey from the point of sale to the person’s home. This product can be stored at a temperature not exceeding 4°C for 2 hours with a cooling pack, which demonstrates its high quality. In addition, you will have the choice with different formats, namely 25X35 cm, 44X35 cm, 44X52 cm, 52X52 cm or 28X70 cm depending on the products you wish to transport.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to personalize your insulated bag in the colors of your company. Thus, brands such as Fauchon or Rougié Sarlat have trusted us to transport their merchandise and offer their customers high quality products.

Our team is at your disposal to offer you the best of the isothermal bag in any season.