Positive cold pack

The use of “Positive Cold” packs based on eutectic fluid with a restitution temperature of +0.3°C makes it possible to avoid the use of thermal regulating barriers, which are necessary if the packs are based on water only or gelled water. This does not change the restitution temperature of the water, which in the solid state is -1°C/-2°C, where 0°C is the crystallisation point (of phase change from its solid to its liquid state). Their role is to protect heat-sensitive products by absorbing heat over a vertical distance of about 20 cm at an angle of 30°, and about 5 cm horizontally at their periphery.

We have set up a traceability system for our eutectic packs by engraving the production date on the casings and printing the filling date.

All our eutectic packs can be customised by engraving them from 10,000 packs.

For optimal use, it is advisable to freeze the pack to -18°C. The freezing time of the packs depends on the freezing capacity per 24 hours of your freezer. We recommend staggering the packs to reduce freezing time.



Designed to keep medical, veterinary and cosmetic products between +2°C and +8°C in isothermal packaging.


Formats :

  • 200 CC
  • 400 CC
  • 750 CC
  • 950 CC

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Composition* :

  • Water with neutral pH
  • Food grade aluminium sulphate
  • Food grade carboxymethyl cellulose
  • Dye (food grade)

Carcass: High-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is free of heavy metals and meets the requirements of the current European directives.

*This eutectic fluid is non-toxic and poses no danger to humans or animals in case of indigestion

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    After emptying, the eutectic packs can be recycled in the plastic packaging containers.