Gel bags / Chilled covers

There are various eutectic fillers to keep your heat-sensitive products cool.

For this purpose, the configurations of these loads must be
adapt according to :

  • Product’s nature (unit density, total mass, product…)
  • The type of isothermal packaging
  • Rroom temperature
  • The desired duration of protection
  • Transport mode



Our cooling bags are made of eutectic gel and are particularly suitable for the protection of heat-sensitive products.


Gel bags formats :

  • 9,5 x 15 cm
  • 15 x 19 cm

Formats of the cooling blanket :

  • Covering 11 cells of 40 x 10 cm each weighing 400 g, i.e. 110 cm long x 40 cm wide for a total weight of 4.4 kg.

It can be made to any length from the existing cells mentioned above. The maximum width is 40 cm.

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  • The cooling bags are made of a eutectic gel that is particularly suitable for protecting heat-sensitive products.
  • They are made of PA/PE bottom film with a thickness of 140 microns above and 200 microns below.
  • PA/PE (polyamide-complexed polyethylene) is one of the most resistant :
  • – In case of perforation: when ice is formed
    – Tear-resistant: if the cooling bags fall to the ground when freezing – The cooling covers are made of one of the standard cells put together in a cord. The bags can be customised by printing.
  • Water with neutral pH
  • Superabsorbent polyacrylamide (non-toxic) 0°C
  • Dye (food grade)
  • These eutectic gels are non-toxic and pose no danger to humans or animals if swallowed.

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      After emptying, the eutectic packs can be recycled in the plastic packaging containers.