Box Pallet

The particularity of this box is that it can be adjusted in height by means of bushels which allow the height of the box to be adapted to the number of products to be shipped.

The lid with cap ensures that the isothermal pallet box is sealed.



Isothermal protection suitable for the transport of heat-sensitive products for the following needs :

  • Human and Animal Health Logistics
  • High volume shipment of thermosensitive drugs
  • Agri-food
  • E-commerce
  • Shipment of fresh products in large volumes


Formats :

  • 312 liters
  • 594 liters
  • 876 liters
  • Boisseau supplémentaire : 282 liters

For more information on the formats, go to the dedicated tab.

Duration of protection

  • Up to 144 hours

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  • Mono injected closed cell polyurethane foam 40/45kg/m3 (gives the box pallet an incomparable mechanical resistance and a perfect watertightness by avoiding the risks of thermal bridges on all the angles)
  • Inner walls made of brown cardboard and outer walls made of white cardboard
  • Interlocking lips made of closed cell metallized polypropylene foam sheets
  • 40 mm partition

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